Friday, May 30, 2014

Grove Street Concrete Work Completed.

The underground improvements along Grove Street were completed. This week the concrete sub-contractor, Suburban Concrete, removed and replaced the existing concrete sidewalk within Roosevelt Park and installed new concrete curb & gutter on the north side of the street.

Next week on Grove Street, Arrow Road, will be removing the existing pavement, performing base repairs as needed, and grading the roadway in preparation for new asphalt pavement. It is also anticipated Arrow Road will complete the asphalt paving of Grove Street from Roosevelt to Spruce Street next week.

Next week, Arrow Road will be performing partial roadway removal and replacement in the east side of the Village along Queens Lane, Brandon Road, Balmoral Avenue, Balmoral Court, Pleasant Lane, Hawthorne Lane, and Kings Lane. These are the scheduled locations for work to be performed, depending on weather conditions and construction progress, all area may not see construction activity.

Also next week, Humir Construction, will begin underground utility improvements within the Glenview Public Library Parking Lot south of Glenview Road.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these roadway improvements throughout the Village.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Grove Street Improvements Started

The roadway improvements along Grove Street from Roosevelt to Spruce were started. The underground contractor, Humir, began installing the new storm sewer along street and should be completed this week.

Next week, the concrete contractor, Suburban Concrete, will be on Grove Street removing and replacing concrete sidewalk and installing new concrete curb & gutter on the north side of the roadway. It is anticipated that the concrete work will take most of next week to complete. Once the concrete work is completed, the contractor will begin removing the existing pavement and installing new asphalt pavement.

The underground contractor, Humir, will be moving to the Glenview Road alley between house numbers 2535 and 2545 Glenview Road near the golf course late next week to install the new storm sewer in that area.

Thank you for your patience as this project begins. Grove Street will hopefully be completed in the next 2-3 weeks prior to the contractors moving to other areas throughout the Village scheduled to be improved.

Have an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Grove Street to Begin Construction, Delayed last week due to Weather

Due to the weather conditions this week, construction along the Grove Street was not started.

Next week the contractor anticipates to install the new storm sewer within the project limits. Concrete sidewalk and curb & gutter is also expected to be removed and replaced next week.

Once construction starts, Grove Street from Roosevelt Avenue to Spruce Street will be closed to traffic.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Grove Street Rehabilitation to Begin

The Village of Glenview conducted a pre-construction meeting with the general contractor and their sub-contractors to determine lines of communication, project expectations, and general project schedule.

Grove Street from Roosevelt Avenue to Spruce Street will be the first street under construction. It is anticipated the construction layout for the improvements will be performed early next week with the underground storm sewer improvements to begin later in the week.

In order to reduce the impacts at the adjacent park and pool, we are striving to have a majority of the major construction completed prior to the Memorial Day weekend.

Grove Street from Roosevelt Avenue to Spruce Street will be closed to traffic during construction.