Friday, August 15, 2014

Chatham Road and Estate Lane Improvements to Begin Next Week.

Work Completed last week:
·         No work completed due to rain at the beginning of the week and scheduling conflicts.

Anticipated work next week includes:
Arrow Road, Paving Contractor
·         Partial pavement removal and replacement at various locations within the Village along arterial roadways including:
o   West Lake Avenue
o   Lehigh Avenue
o   Chestnut Avenue
o   Central Road
·         Chatham Road from Glenview Road to southerly end:
o   Pavement removal
o   Patching of existing asphalt pavement where required
o   Asphalt surface paving 

Estate Lane Improvements to begin including:
o   Cleaning and televising of existing storm sewer system
o   Spot storm sewer repairs 
Landscape Contractor
o   Installing topsoil and performing cleanup work on the previously paved sections of Covert Road and Huber Lane.